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Founded in 1978, LOSH is a nationally recognized center promoting safe workplaces through teaching and education, research, and policy advocacy. Initiatives include health and safety training and education for low-income, minority, immigrant and young workers; public advocacy; and participation in industry-wide research relating to occupational and environmental health policy issues in California.

Education and Training

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Research and Policy

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Training and Education

LOSH training and education emphasizes interactive activities, worker and group leadership, collective problem-solving, and development of joint labor-management health and safety programs. Learn more>

Research and Policy

Our research efforts promote injury and illness prevention strategies and inform policies to improve workplace conditions. We base our approach on principles of worker and community participation. Learn more>

Community Outreach

We strive to reach young workers, recent immigrants, workers in underserved or high-risk occupations, and small business owners and employees. Learn more>

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