Casey Gin

Casey Gin is the Western Region Universities Consortium (WRUC) program manager at LOSH. Utilizing his experience as a labor and community organizer in the Bay Area, New York, and Southern California, he provides coordination of the WRUC, including program management and evaluation of worker health and safety training activities.

Growing up in the Bay Area in a Filipino and Chinese immigrant family, Casey was aware of the issues faced by working-class and immigrant communities of color, and that awareness was heightened by his experience as an organizer. Before coming to LOSH, he served as a labor representative and organizer with the California Nurses Association, the Committee of Interns and Residents–SEIU, and the New York State Nurses Association. He began his career in labor and worker advocacy with the LOSH Occupational and Health Internship Program in 2013, when he interned with Teamsters Local 237, representing the New York City Housing Authority workers. Through these experiences, he has learned to value and center the knowledge and experience of the communities and workers he engages with.

Outside of work, Casey continues to organize with the Filipino community in the Long Beach and South Bay area. In addition, he is passionate about making, producing, and playing music as well as running, hiking, and finding new places to explore around Los Angeles.

Casey holds a master’s degree in community health sciences from UCLA, and a bachelor’s degree in public health from UC Berkeley.