Hector Flores, Worker Health and Safety Educator

HÉCTOR FLORES is LOSH’s Worker Health and Safety Educator/Coordinator. He joins Deogracia Cornelio in the facilitation of WOSHTEP training courses, and leads in development of the WOSH specialist and trainers network. In this role, Hector will work towards developing worker health and safety programs through collaboration with a variety of labor, community, labor-management, and employer partners.

His diverse experience working as a researcher and organizer within the fields of labor, politics, and immigrant rights have allowed him to develop a strong foundation for facilitating effective worker outreach and leadership development.

Most recently, as a researcher for the LAX Division of SEIU United Service Workers West, Hector worked with LOSH and SoCalCOSH to help form a health and safety partnership with airport contractor Menzies, giving workers a genuine voice in making the workplace safer. Hector has a degree in Sociology from San Diego State University.