A Leader in Workplace Health & Safety

LOSH works with the most vulnerable workers to promote health and safety in the workplace. We train and educate workers, conduct research and promote collaboration among government officials, employers, unions and the community to improve conditions that are unhealthy for all.

LOSH trains over a 1,000 workers every year. Our training caters to the specific industry, language and adult learning needs of a variety of workers who are typically low wage immigrants and/or workers in the under-served or high risk occupations.

We tailor training and produce curricula for our partners and, on request, from employers and unions alike.

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LOSH produces information and data analysis to support the work of building safe and healthy work cultures. Our research is informed by the strengths and expertise of our trainers and training partners and workers as they enrich our understanding of our regional landscape—the unique characteristics that define the problems, the target population, and the partners and resources that support effective programs.

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Creating access to information/ facts/ action research, we partner with small business owners, government agencies, labor unions, environmental justice and other community groups, to support workers in under-served or high-risk occupations.

Our research and partnerships preserve and move forward the occupational safety and health agenda.  Contact us to explore how we may support your work.

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