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The WOSHTEP Janitorial Safety Training Program is designed for small business owners and managers who need to train janitorial employees working alone or in small teams to clean buildings. The program helps small business owners and managers:

  • identify ways to prevent job injuries and illnesses in their workplace
  • engage workers in their safety program
  • reduce the number of employee days away from work and lost productivity
  • meet training requirements under California’s occupational health and safety laws.

Janitorial training materials include a training guide, and focus on health and safety in the janitorial industry. The program helps owners and managers to be prepared to conduct a series of short (5-10 minutes) training sessions for their employees. The following topics are covered:

  • Safety Orientation
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Ergonomic Hazards
  • Injuries on the Job
  • Planning for Emergencies
  • Robberies and Assaults
  • Slips and Falls

By using these materials, employees will learn:

  • To identify safety hazards in the workplace
  • Solutions to hazards in the workplace
  • How to contribute to a safe working environment

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Free 2-hour Class

WOSHTEP offers safety training sessions for restaurant managers and supervisors and helping them to address safety hazards in the workplace, develop a company safety plan, and be in compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations. These interactive trainings last roughly two hours and are free of charge for all participants.

Kitchen Worker

Managers and Supervisors Learn:

  • How to identify safety hazards in their restaurant
  • How to create a safety program and pass on knowledge to employees
  • Ways to prevent injuries such as burns, cuts, slips, falls, and ergonomic hazards
  • Actions to prevent robberies, and assaults
  • How to stay in compliance with Cal/OSHA standards
  • The labor laws relevant to hiring young workers

Participants receive a certificate of completion from UCLA and the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation that can proudly be framed and shown to restaurant visitors.

“The program was a great experience for my employees. I learned from them regarding the safety measures they felt was necessary for the restaurant. It worked out! I took their suggestion and implemented the changes. This seminar empowered the employees so much that they choose a team leader within themselves to conduct monthly Safety meetings. This seminar was certainly a morale booster!”

–Tony Hernandez, Guadalajara Grill

“This was the first time we ever had a safety meeting. I learned about things from my co workers I hadn’t thought about, like to shout out when I am taking something from the oven, or where to store my knives so no one accidentally gets cut.”

–Cook, full service restaurant

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Interested and eligible WOSH Specialists are invited to attend the advanced Training of Trainers course. This four-day session is offered once a year in English and Spanish and prepares WOSH Specialists to assist WOSHTEP staff in conducting trainings and supporting other WOSHTEP activities.

Currently, the WOSH Trainers Network has more than 35 trainers who represent a variety of workplaces and organizations.

Eligibility criteria for WOSH Trainers

  • Can reach high hazard workplaces and high risk workers
  • Can reach large number of workers/workplaces
  • Can reach workers with workplace health and safety responsibilities
  • Can extend geographic reach of program
  • Has workplace health and safety training expertise
  • Can conduct open enrollment classes
  • Preferably bilingual

For more information about this program or to schedule a customized training please contact