2-hour Class

LOSH offers safety training sessions for restaurant managers and supervisors and helping them to address safety hazards in the workplace, develop a company safety plan, and be in compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations. These interactive trainings last roughly two hours and are free of charge for all participants.

Kitchen Worker

Managers and Supervisors Learn:

  • How to identify safety hazards in their restaurant
  • How to create a safety program and pass on knowledge to employees
  • Ways to prevent injuries such as burns, cuts, slips, falls, and ergonomic hazards
  • Actions to prevent robberies, and assaults
  • How to stay in compliance with Cal/OSHA standards
  • The labor laws relevant to hiring young workers

Participants receive a certificate of completion from UCLA and the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers Compensation that can proudly be framed and shown to restaurant visitors.

“The program was a great experience for my employees. I learned from them regarding the safety measures they felt was necessary for the restaurant. It worked out! I took their suggestion and implemented the changes. This seminar empowered the employees so much that they choose a team leader within themselves to conduct monthly Safety meetings. This seminar was certainly a morale booster!”

–Tony Hernandez, Guadalajara Grill

“This was the first time we ever had a safety meeting. I learned about things from my co workers I hadn’t thought about, like to shout out when I am taking something from the oven, or where to store my knives so no one accidentally gets cut.”

–Cook, full service restaurant

For more information about this program or to schedule a customized training please contact loshinfo@ucla.edu.