The training guides and tip sheets are used in our Janitorial Safety Training Program designed for small business owners and managers. Other relevant safety guides are included below.

Janitorial Service owners and managers can use the training guides to conduct one-hour training sessions and educate employees about workplace safety hazards. Tip Sheets illustrate the most common janitorial hazards, and managers can use them to tailor training to the specific hazards in their industry.

Materials are available in both English and Spanish:



Janitorial Safety Training Guide Guía de Capacitación en Seguridad Para Conserjes
Janitorial Safety Training Guide Janitorial Safety Training Guide Spanish
Chemical Hazards Peligros Químicos
Electrical Hazards Peligros Eléctricos
Ergonomic Hazards Peligros Ergonómicos
Injuries on the Job Lesiones Laborales
Planning for Emergencies Planes de Emergencia
Robberies and Assaults Asaltos y Agresiones
Safety Orientation Orientación de Seguridad (coming soon)
Slips and Falls Resbalones y Caídas

For additional information or to schedule a training workshop, please contact us.