Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs is the Special Projects Coordinator at LOSH. She leads the program’s work in the statewide School Action for Safety and Health (SASH) Training Program in Southern California, facilitating training courses for K–12 school district employees on the development of Injury and Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP) to comply with Cal/OSHA requirements. She is also national program coordinator for the Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP), where she previously served as an intern.

Sarah’s experience in the Peace Corps in Guatemala after college and her subsequent travels throughout South America and Southeast Asia led her to focus on social justice in her work and activism. Outside of work, Sarah loves spending time with her family at the beach and exploring nature.

Sarah holds a master’s degree in public health from UCLA and a bachelor’s in public health from Indiana University.

Selected Publications:

Riley K, Delp L, Cornelio D, Jacobs S. From agricultural fields to urban asphalt: the role of worker education to promote California’s heat illness prevention standard. New Solut. 2012;22(3):297-323. doi: 10.2190/NS.22.3.e. PMID: 22967365.

Delp L, Riley K, Jacobs S, Bush D, Kirkland K, Denis I, London M, Harrison R. Shaping the future: ten years of the occupational health internship program. New Solut. 2013 Jan 1;23(2):253-81. doi: 10.2190/NS.23.2.d. PMID: 23896071.