LOSH Training Numbers

Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program (HWWT)

Hazard Disaster Preparedness Training Program (HDPT)

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Environmental Career Worker Training Program (ECWT)

The HAZWOPER program offers hazardous waste and hazmat training for day laborers and hazardous site workers in the public and private sector. Instruction and materials are provided in both English and Spanish.

Worker Occupational Safety & Health Training & Education Program (WOSHTEP)

The WOSHTEP curriculum enhances leadership skills and promotes active participation in injury and illness prevention activities in the workplace. Our training courses are especially appropriate for workers with significant health and safety responsibilities, such as those serving on a health and safety committee; those designated by employers or unions as safety representatives; and those who will later train their co-workers about health and safety issues.

This free half-day course will train you to develop and implement an effective health and safety program at your workplace that meets the requirements of Cal/OSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) standard.

School Action for Safety and Health (SASH) Program

The free one day course, presented by the California Commission on Health and Safety, Worker’s Compensation, and UCLA LOSH, trains key school employees to become health and leaders for their district. Participants will learn health and safety concepts, how to develop an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program, and how to take a leadership role in promoting health and safety for school employees.