Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley is the Director of Research and Evaluation at LOSH. He has over a decade of experience conducting worker- and community-engaged research. He leads LOSH efforts to investigate job hazards among workers in various industries and sectors, with the goal of informing public policy and improving workplace H&S programs.

In 2015, he authored a report on the injury experiences of workers in the low-wage labor market and the barriers they face in accessing workers’ compensation, based on analysis of data from a groundbreaking survey of low-wage workers in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. In addition, he has conducted research among long-haul truck drivers, live-in domestic workers, day laborers, airport workers, and garment workers, as well as patients in community-clinic settings.

Dr. Riley also coordinates LOSH evaluation activities, documenting the impacts of its worker safety and health training programs. Targeted evaluation initiatives have included assessment of worker training to support Cal/OSHA’s outdoor heat illness prevention standard and examination of managers’ perceptions of the value and impact of hazmat-related safety training.

Dr. Riley serves as Associate Director of the Western Region Universities Consortium, a partnership of four university-based hazmat training programs funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Worker Training Program. In this role, he provides direction and oversight to consortium programs based in Southern California and throughout EPA Regions IX and X.

Prior to joining LOSH, Dr. Riley served as Co-Founder and Public Health Coordinator of the UCLA Mobile Clinic Project, where he conducted extensive program planning and evaluation, as well as training sessions for new clinic students and staff. He received his PhD in Sociology from UCLA and his MPH from the UCLA School of Public Health. He is an active member of the Occupational Health Section of the American Public Health Association.

Selected Publications:

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