The Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program educates over one thousand workers annually in a region incorporating two-thirds of California’s workforce.

This video was produced by ALAS Media  for UCLA LOSH.

PSM Video Series

This UCLA LOSH video highlights the coalition that joined forces after the Chevron Richmond refinery fire to protect workers and communities. The efforts of labor, community, environmental justice and health activists ultimately led to a stronger Cal/OSHA Process Safety Management standard for refineries. (12 minutes)

This UCLA LOSH video defines process safety, explains some of the new elements in the standard, and gives examples of how it can make refineries safer through a greater emphasis on proactive maintenance and worker involvement. (6 minutes)

This UCLA LOSH video discusses the heart of California’s revised PSM Standard for refineries: it significantly increases the role of workers in a refinery’s PSM program and gives the union the right to pick the employees who will serve on various hazard investigation teams. It also explains the rights of workers to refuse to do an unsafe job and of qualified operators to shut down unsafe processes. (7 minutes)

This UCLA LOSH video explains two of the elements in the revised California PSM Standard for refineries. Management of Change applies to the planning process and review needed before making major physical changes in a unit or process. Management of Organizational Change requires a review of potential impacts before proposing major changes in staffing, work schedules, or increased job duties. The importance of mechanical integrity is also covered. (6 minutes)

This video series was produced by The Mercantile for UCLA LOSH.

COVID-19 Prevention ETS Video Messages

COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP)

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COVID-19 Prevention Plan (CPP): Did you know that there are laws in California to protect you and your coworkers from COVID-19 on the job? All employers must have a COVID-19 prevention plan to prevent COVID-19 in the workplace. For more information in English and Spanish on COVID-19 workplace safety and your rights as a worker, go to:


Plan de Prevención para el COVID-19: ¿Sabía que hay leyes en California para proteger a usted y sus compañeros/compañeras de trabajo contra el COVID-19 en el sitio de trabajo? Todos los empleadores/empleadoras deben tener un plan de prevención para prevenir COVID-19 en el lugar de trabajo. Para más información en inglés y español sobre la seguridad en el lugar de trabajo de COVID-19 y sus derechos como trabajador/trabajadora visite: