Role of the WOSH Specialist

Upon completing the 24-hour WOSH Specialist course, participants receive a certificate of completion from LOSH and the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation. After the training, WOSH Specialists are encouraged to take a leadership role in promoting health and safety in their workplaces. Their new role includes:

  • Providing health and safety training to co-workers;
  • Assisting with the employer’s injury and illness prevention efforts;
  • Participating in a workplace health and safety committee;
  • Helping identify a range of health and safety hazards with walk-through inspections;
  • Helping investigate the underlying causes of injuries through employee surveys;
  • Participating in efforts to reduce or eliminate common hazards;
  • Serving as a health and safety resource for others, including co-workers, the workplace health and safety committee, the union (if any), and the employer;
  • Supporting the successful return to work of injured co-workers; and
  • Helping explain the legal requirements for maintaining a safe and healthful workplace and support an employer’s compliance efforts.


WOSH Specialists serve as resources for others including co-workers, workplace health and safety committees, unions, and employers. To assist specialists as they actively participate in injury and illness prevention and problem-solving, the UCLA-LOSH Resource Center provides the following:

  • Materials such as fact sheets, brochures, pamphlets, guides, studies and reports
  • Technical assistance
  • Research assistance
  • Referrals to state and local health and safety agencies

How to Become a WOSH Trainer

Those who wish to offer WOSHTEP Specialist course training will need to do the following:

  • Take 20-24 hours of training: six Core Modules (14-16 hours) and a minimum of three Supplemental Modules (6-8 hours).
  • Complete an additional 16-30 hour Train the Trainer course to learn effective training skills and become familiar with teaching all modules.
  • Complete an “apprenticeship” including teaching at least one class with a mentor trainer and completing an evaluation process.
  • Attend a Refresher Training each year to get updated on new health and safety issues.

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