Helping Small Business Owners Improve Workplace Health & Safety

trainingWOSHTEP conducts training sessions for small businesses that do not have the number of total employees required to attend the WOSH Specialist training sessions. These training sessions last roughly two hours and are free of charge for all participants.

Business owners, managers, and supervisors who attend the two-hour sessions frequently give positive feedback about the experience and its interactive teaching philosophy. Follow-up from external researchers also shows improved health and safety practices in the workplaces of participating businesses.

Our Training Materials Help Your Employees Learn

  • How to identify safety hazards in their workplace
  • How to find solutions to hazards in their workplace
  • Methods to contribute to a safe working environment

“This program was a great experience. We ended up with simple training materials that I can use with my staff to teach about health and safety in our restaurant. It’s amazing the respect they have for the safety situation now.”

–Store Manager


  • Free of charge
  • For owners, managers, and supervisors
  • Two hours in duration
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • Safety training materials to use in the workplace

How the Program Helps Small Business Managers and Owners

  • It provides a one-hour interactive safety training tailored to your business
  • You learn how to engage employees in your safety program
  • You will identify ways to prevent injuries in your workplace
  • The course meets Cal/OSHA training requirements

For more information about this program or to schedule a customized training please contact