Collaboration, Education, Research. LOSH collaborates with workers, unions, community organizations, employers, academics, students, governmental representatives, and health professionals to improve health and safety conditions for workers in Southern California. Initiatives include health and safety training, education for low-income, minority, and immigrant workers, public advocacy, and participation in industry-wide research relating to policy issues in California.

We educate over one thousand workers annually in a region incorporating two-thirds of California’s workforce. Our staff includes a multi-ethnic, bilingual group of professionals with backgrounds in public health, participatory adult education, curriculum development, social work, public policy, and quantitative and qualitative research methods.

LOSH utilizes established partnerships with labor unions, community groups, schools, local and state government agencies, and community health providers to develop and run programs. We also have a network of several hundred trained advocates – these include members of worksite health and safety committees, union stewards, community health promoters, and safety trainers.

To maximize impact with the resources available, the LOSH education and training model emphasizes a “train-the-trainer” approach, preparing workers to return to their workplaces to take leadership roles in health and safety efforts.



LOSH has been educating workers, conducting research, and spearheading community outreach to promote safe working conditions since 1978. Learn all about our history below: